Meet our 2023 sponsors

Verdant Earth Technologies

Verdant Earth Technologies is a renewable energy asset and technology developer, focusing on the development of bioenergy projects.

Verdant owns the 151MW Redbank Power Station, which forms part of a broader plan to establish up to 2,000MW of biomass-based generation throughout Australia.

Verdant is working to establishing purpose grown energy crops on marginal lands, creating permanent carbon sinks and a sustainable biomass resource that can lead the way to projects with negative lifecycle CO2 emissions.

NSW Dept. of Primary Industries

NSW DPI works hand-in-hand with producers – through droughts, floods, fires and biosecurity challenges – to drive stronger primary industries. NSW DPI is globally recognised as a top 1% plant, animal and environmental sciences research organisation.

BMH Technology

BMH Technology delivers solid biomass and waste handling systems with decades of experience and a global reference base. Its robust solutions guarantee industrial scale capacities for green electricity power plants. The company is also expert in the biomass and waste feedstock preparation solutions for BtC/WtC production plants.

Koppers Australia

Koppers Australia is a leading diversified manufacturer of quality carbon materials, chemicals and treated wood products vital to a range of industries in Australasia and the Pacific.

Products include the manufacture and distribution of pitch to the Aluminium Industry, treated wood poles, engineering and piling timbers, landscaping and viticulture products.