Meet our partners + sponsors

BMH Technology

BMH Technology delivers Waste Processing plants and Solid Biomass Handling systems with decades of experience and a comprehensive global reference base.

Its robust solutions guarantee industrial scale capacities for Chemical Recycling and Green Electricity production. Waste and biomass are reborn as raw materials and renewable energy with BMH.

Victorian Bioenergy Network

The Victorian Bioenergy Network is a grassroots initiative focused on enhancing bioenergy’s role within Victoria’s energy sector. It supports economic development, decarbonisation, and a circular economy by aligning with industry, government, and community efforts. The network aims to transform organic waste into valuable resources, meet energy demands sustainably, and merge economic growth with environmental regeneration.

Australia New Zealand Biochar Industry Group

The ANZ Biochar Industry Group (ANZBIG) assists companies, governments and institutions in the effective use and production of Biochar. ANZBIG focuses and streamlines biochar education, research, collaboration and commercialisation activities to provide better outcomes for the societies of Australia and New Zealand.

Australian Organics Recycling Association

The Australian Organics Recycling Association Limited (AORA) works with stakeholders to facilitate the conditions through which surplus organic material can be sustainably and cost-effectively recycled; and to promote the beneficial use of compost, soil conditioners and mulches in primary industries.safeguarding the environment is made.