2023 Call for Proposals

The Program Committee is now inviting submissions for presentations addressing a number of key topics, outlined below. Other topics may be considered at the committee’s discretion.


  • Overview of the Australian bioeconomy and new emerging industries that are focused on better managing carbon
  • The race towards net zero – role and potential the bioeconomy can play
  • Carbon cycle mechanics, and the difference between fossil and biogenic carbon
  • What is the highest and best use of carbon across the bioeconomy?
  • Climate change benefits from managing carbon from biogenic sources across the bioeconomy
  • Current policies, program and investments to advance Australia’s bioeconomy
  • Techniques, processes and industries seeking the improve the management of carbon in sustainable energy generation
  • Role and potential for using surplus biomass and specifically grown biomass crops in sustainable energy generation
  • Potential for using biomass crops for fuel and energy generation
  • Creating sustainable transport fuels from biomass – technology, economics and opportunities
  • An international perspective of the role of biomass and energy generation – a stepping-stone towards net zero
  • A review of emerging alternative techniques/technologies to manage CO2 levels in the atmosphere, such as carbon capture and storage, carbon capture and use and direct air capture
  • Commercial opportunities for agricultural producers and forestry in biomass crop production and making use of unproductive lands
  • Stimulating the development of anaerobic digestion in Australia for producing green biogas from surplus agricultural and urban biomass sources
  • Using biomass resources in manufacturing and heavy industry – what are the opportunities and benefits?
  • Using biomass as a soil improver for improving the productivity of agricultural soils and resorting degraded environments – the science, commercial opportunities and benefits
  • Government investment programs available to support industry development and the national bioeconomy
  • Approvals, licencing, social licence to operate and community relations
  • Exploring principles, commercial drivers and benchmarks that might shape the development of the bioeconomy going forward
  • Case studies on developing industries across Australia’s bioeconomy.


All Abstracts must be submitted online. If you are unable to submit using the online form, please contact the conference organisers for further information (phone Emma McVie on 0404 517 058 or email emma@revolveservices.com.au). Receipt of abstracts will be acknowledged by email within 2 working days.

The following information will be required for your submission:

  • Presenter and Co-Presenter contact details, title and organisation
  • Presenter and Co-Presenter Biographies (we recommend no more than 80 words per biography)
  • Presenter and Co-Presenter Photograph (optional)
  • Presentation Title
  • 50-word Presentation Synopsis
  • Abstract (Up to 400 words of text)

The closing date for submission of abstracts is Wednesday 31 May 2023.


Due to the large number of submissions received each year, a review committee will carefully consider submissions of abstracts and posters. Where possible the committee will place your presentation into a session, however it may not be possible to accommodate every submission. The review committee also reserves the right to suggest amendments to improve the suitability of presentations prior to acceptance.



All accepted presentations will be published in the Australian Bioeconomy Conference 2023 Proceedings.



All submitting authors will be asked to confirm the following statements:

  1. I confirm that each co-author, if any, has been informed of this submission and has agreed to all the information provided by me.
  2. I consent to publication of all or part of the abstract in materials relating to the conference, including but not limited to the program, advertising, social media and email promotions.
  3. I confirm that this abstract is original work and as the principal author, I am responsible for the accuracy of the abstract.
  4. I understand that the invitation to submit an abstract does not constitute an offer by AIEN or the conference sponsors to pay travel, accommodation or registration costs associated with the event.
  5. I understand that no fee will be paid for a presentation. If my abstract is accepted, I agree to register for the Forum by no later than 11 August  2023 and will pay a discounted registration fee in recognition of my contribution. I understand that failure to register by the due date may result in my presentation being withdrawn from the program.